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Fly Level announces a New Ab-initio Air Traffic Controller Course

Fly Level announces a New Ab-initio Air Traffic Controller Course

Fly Level offers highly qualified and motivated young people an exciting and rewarding career in air traffic control


ATC revealed…
The air traffic control system is a vast network of people and equipment that ensures the safe operation of commercial and private aircraft. Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of air traffic to make certain that planes stay a safe distance apart. Their immediate concern is safety, but controllers also must direct planes efficiently to minimize delays. Some of them work with airport traffic; others control flights between airports.
Airport tower or terminal controllers watch over all planes traveling through the airport’s airspace. Their main responsibility is to organize the flow of aircraft in and out of the airport. Relying on radar and visual observation, they closely monitor each plane to ensure a safe distance between all aircraft and to guide pilots between the parking position and the end of the airport’s airspace.
After each plane departs, airport tower controllers notify en-route controllers who will next take charge. Airplanes usually fly along designated routes; each centre is assigned a certain airspace containing many different routes. En-route controllers work in teams of up to three members, depending on how heavy the traffic is; each team is responsible for a section of the center’s airspace.
Radar controllers warn pilots about nearby planes, restricted areas, and other potential hazards. Two planes on a collision course will be directed around each other. If a pilot wants to change altitude in search of better flying conditions, the controller will check to determine that no other planes will be along the proposed path. As the flight progresses, the team responsible for the aircraft, notifies the next team in charge. Through team coordination, the plane arrives safely at its destination.


Personal Qualities and Skills Required






Admission Criteria:
– file submission
– medium-advanced level English language knowledge
– passing of FEAST examination FEAST (FEAST 1 +FPQ, FEAST DART) at Fly Level headquarters.


The file necessary for the course sign-up shall contain:– sign-up sheet
– a copy of Class III Medical Certificate
– a copy of the Identity Card/Passport
– Criminal Record Certificate
– a certified copy of the High School Diploma or of the latest graduated studies’ Diploma
– 1 passport-size photo (both printed and electronic copy)


The initial (ab-initio) course is made up of:

– basic course (theory, 12 weeks) and
– rating course (theory+simulation,ADI-TWR, APP, APS-RAD, ACS-RADor combinations, between 7-12 weeks).


Course location: BUCHAREST


Course programme: 6h/day, 5 days/week


The lecturers teaching at this course are foreigners (ATC TWR, APP, APS and ACS Eurocontrol, ELPAC Examiners) and Romanian (specialists and experts in the field)


Course Quality: The ab-initio ATC training course organized by Fly Level and certified/authorized by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority based on European Regulation EU 805/2011 is internationally recognized and accepted by all European Aviation Safety Agency member states and by all those states who recognize and accept EASA provisions and regulations.


Contact Us:
SC “Fly Level” SRL
Bucharest, Romania: Blvd. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, nr.61-63,
Email: / Tel: + 40 213 190 143 / Fax: + 40 318 169 359
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova: E-mail: / Mobile: +373 79 474 653.

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