Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

A Private Pilot Licence allows you to fly single engine airplanes, for non-commercial purposes, carrying passengers, and gives almost unlimited authority to fly under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Flight training is divided into two parts, ground school and flight training.Ground school teaches you the principles, procedures and regulations you will put into practice in an airplane. During your initial flight training, you will learn the basics of flying and navigation, including cross country flights.

To qualify as a Private Pilot, students must undergo two examinations. One is a written examination and the other is a flight test conducted in an aircraft with an examiner, both administered by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

After obtaining the Private Pilot Licence, you can attend the Commercial Pilot Course, also available at FLY LEVEL Approved Training Organisation. A Private Pilot Licence is required by all students enrolling in a Commercial Pilot training program.

Course Quality: The Pilot Courses organised by FLY LEVEL and certified/approved by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, are internationally recognised and accepted by all European Aviation Safety Agency member states and by all the states that recognise and accept EASA provisions and regulations.

Admission Requirements

To gain entry to Fly Level, you must meet entry requirements for your chosen course as listed below:

  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • Valid Medical Certificate – Class 1 or Class 2
  • Valid Criminal Record Certificate

Course Location

1. Bucharest , Romania and

2. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Theoretical Training

Theory distance learning.

Theoretical subjects

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Communications
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight

After passing a final exam for each course, with a minimum acceptable score of 75%, students gain the right to attend exams at the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority for obtaining a private pilot licence.

Practical Training

Course length: A minimum of 45 hours of flight training is required.
The flight training part of the program is taught on Clinceni and Strejnic Aerodromes - Romania, as well as at Chisinau International Airport – Republic of Moldova.
The flight instructor will make a final assessment of the student at the end of the course – whereby the student will be evaluated against the key skill requirements needed to be awarded the Private Pilot Licence.
Students gain the right to undertake the practical examination as administered by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

Approval Certificate

Contact Information

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