Trainee Air Traffic Controller. A career like no other!

Now is the time to start your air traffic controller training with FLY LEVEL Approved Training Organisation!

Air Traffic Controllers can be called the heart of aviation business, guiding pilots to keep aircraft flying safely, efficiently and on time.

They are part of a community of highly-trained professionals, who are essential to the smooth and safe running of the aviation industry. The work is challenging and demanding, but it’s immensely rewarding too.


The candidates should meet certain requirements in order to apply for the Air Traffic Controller course:

  • ✈ Over 18 years old
  • ✈ Proficiency in English language
  • ✈ Physical and mental fitness - European Class 3 medical certificate

The initial training is made up of:

    • Basic course (12 weeks) and
    • Rating courses (between 7-12 weeks):

    • - Aerodrome Control Instrument with Tower Control (ADI-TWR)
    • - Approach Control Procedural (APP)
    • - Approach Control Surveillance with Radar (APS-RAD)
    • - Area Control Surveillance with Radar (ACS-RAD)

Course location: BUCHAREST

Start of the course: 1st of February, 2017.

Course schedule: 6h/day, 5 days/week

Course Quality: The Initial ATC training organized by Fly Level is certified/authorized by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova based on European Regulation EU 805/2011 and ICAO requirements. It is internationally recognized and accepted by all European Aviation Safety Agency member states and by all those states who recognize and accept EASA and ICAO provisions and regulations.

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