Fly Level Approved Training Organisation is ready to assist you in your search for one of the most challenging aviation jobs – Flight Operations Dispatcher. These highly qualified professionals are responsible for the control and coordination of all teams’ work involved in flight service. They also deal with the impressively complex process of the aircraft arrangement and conduction of flight. Fly Level’s Flight Operations Dispatcher Training Program provides the candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills for this exciting profession. As a RACR LDOZ training organisation for Flight Operations Dispatcher, Fly Level has the privilege to provide RACR LDOZ 015 training courses.


The Flight Operations Dispatcher Training Program is designed to train for flight arrangements, assistance to cabin crew and coordination of all flight related teams. Training is available both to novices and the experienced aviation experts seeking for conversion.

Admission Requirements

Documents required for Enrolment:

  • Registration form
  • Copy of the Identity Card/Passport
  • Certified copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Medical fitness
  • Valid Criminal Record Certificate
  • Copy of the High School Diploma or of the latest graduated institution Diploma
  • Relevant documents stating about previous experience
  • 2 passport-size photos (both printed and electronic copy)

Training Structure

The duration of the Flight Operations Dispatcher training, for candidates with no prior experience in aviation, is at least 270 hours.
For experienced aviation staff, a conversion course is recommended. The duration of the reconversion course for personnel with previous experience in aviation, in accordance with PIAC LDOZ 2.1.1 a), from a1) to a3) and b), is at least 60 hours.

For obtaining a flight operations dispatcher license, the applicant must provide proof of taking the responsibilities of a flight dispatcher during a minimum of 90 working days, under the guidance and training of a flight dispatcher license holder, approved by the Licensing Authority for this purpose. The period of activity under surveillance must be carried out within 6 months prior to the submission of the application for licensing.

Fly Level provides 270 hours / 60 hours of theoretical training. The practical training is the responsibility of the applicant.

Course Location, Duration

Course location: Bucharest (Romania) and Chisinau (Republic of Moldova).

Course duration:

1. For candidates without aviation experience - at least 270 hours.

2. For experienced aviation professionals - at least 60 hours.

Course schedule: approximately 6 hours per day.

Approval Certificate

Requirements for licensing

Applicants for the Flight Operations Dispatcher licence shall meet the following criteria:

  • Age over 21 years
  • At least secondary education certificate
  • Language skills: Knowledge of English, to ensure the effective activity of a flight dispatcher – candidates will have to pass an examination.
  • Medical fitness: Specific medical certificate for flight operations dispatchers (Military Hospital - Bucharest).
  • Experience:
  • a. two years of service, in any of the functions specified in (a1) - (a3), inclusively, or any combination of these functions, with the condition that in case of combined experience, the service length in at least one of the functions is at least one year.
    a1) leading crew member on civil aircraft (pilots, navigators, engineers and/or board engineers and radio-navigation operators); or
    a2) meteorologist in an organization that offers specific services in air transportation; or
    a3) an air traffic controller or technical supervisor of a flight dispatcher; or
    b. at least one year of service as assistant of flight dispatcher; or
    c. to provide evidence of completion of an initial theoretical training course within an organization, recognized/authorized by the licensing authority. An initial theoretical preparation means a course held in the country or abroad, whose deployment framework, lecturers, duration and syllabus are approved or recognized by the licensing authority.

Contact Information

Need more information? Please contact our representatives:
Bucharest, Romania: email: office@flylevel.aero / telephone: + 40 213 190 143
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova:  e-mail: info@flylevel.aero / mobile: +373 79 474 653 / +40 740 097 097.