Holders of a foreign pilot licence may convert their licence to an EASA pilot licence provided they meet the requirements of the licence conversion process.

An EASA pilot licence is accepted worldwide. Pilots who wish to be recruited and fly with a European airline must be holders of an EASA licence.

The license conversion process can be somewhat complicated. The method taken to obtain an EASA licence will depend on your current licence(s) held, the licence you are trying to obtain, and the hours or types of aircraft you have experience on, have been set forth in the regulations of PART-FCL.

Fly Level Approved Training Organisation provides all necessary assistance for conversion to EASA PART FCL licence. We recommend that you contact us and discuss your conversion requirements. We will be able to provide you with more up-to-date information on the latest legislation changes and provide you will all the required training involved in the process.

We look forward to supporting your application and in due course supplying your new licence.


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